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    My poor G4 has a very wide array of issues at the moment and I can't really afford a new phone, so I'm hoping someone here can help or at least might know what's going on.

    First up: the rear camera is totally unrecognized. About a year ago, the rear camera suddenly began crashing and giving error messages, but now the phone totally does not recognize it. There aren't any "camera switch" buttons in any camera app and when I've run hardware tests, I only receive data on the working front camera. I unscrewed everything to see if there was just a connection issue, but everything is in place. My personal theory is that the battery overheated, causing the heat to buildup and cause a hardware malfunction. Speaking of batteries....

    Next problem: The battery. I can't exactly remember how long ago this first started, but my battery somewhat suddenly decided it did not want to charge. I tried all sort of different cables and adapters, but nothing worked. The phone would say that it was charging, but the battery would continue to drain. The only way I can get it to charge now is through USB on my laptop, which is horrendously slow. Not to mention the battery life is far, far worse an barely holds a charge. I thought perhaps it was another overheating issue with that battery and bought a replacement, but the same problems occur. Like with the camera, I'm entertaining the idea that the battery overheated and caused some hardware damage. Overheating has definitely been a problem in the past, even when it functioned fine.

    Lastly: mysterious software issues. Like everything else, rather suddenly I began experiencing strange issues. For example, when I go into the settings and view my list of installed apps and tap on one, rather than showing me info on the apps, I get the error "process com.android.settings has stopped". I also began receiving screen overlay detected messages when there were none and other random little errors here and there.

    I tried a factory reset in hopes that even if it wouldn't solve my hardware problems, the software issues would go away, but that hasn't happened. Now I'm left waiting nearly 12 hours for a fully charged battery that only lasts like 4 hours, taking pictures with my front camera like a grandma who doesn't know how to switch to the rear, and being totally unable to force close, remotely uninstall, or edit the settings of any apps. I'm sorry if this was too much text (I'm a bit long-winded), but I would really, really be grateful to anyone who has any ideas on how to fix any of my issues. Thank you!!
    07-18-2017 06:14 AM
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    Most likely this is all just a precursor to the infamous G4 bootloop problem.
    I would start looking for a new phone.
    07-18-2017 01:07 PM
  3. kraze4u's Avatar
    Shop around for a used phone to hold you over in the mean time.
    07-25-2017 01:13 AM
  4. Bruce Higgins's Avatar
    The G4 is only two years old. Are we going to allow transnational corporations like LG to force us to pay several hundred dollars each year to upgrade smartphones over and over again because their products are designed to fail? I have a stack of more than a half dozen OEM LG G4 batteries - most are useless. The last one LG Parts sold me several weeks ago arrived dead (DUD) and today via telephone LG parts reports LG has not new batteries for this phone. LG received with a RMA and prepaid UPS shipping label the DUD battery, but has not credited me for this and via phone 08/14 could not or would not confirm receipt of the DUD. Alternative: RAYOVAC makes a good alternative battery for the LG G4 smartphone. Check on line with Batteries + Bulbs. I bought one a month ago and it works well, but I'm not done with LG on this issue.
    08-14-2017 06:46 PM

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