1. Bruce Higgins's Avatar
    G 4 owners!

    For most of 2017 LG Parts along with AT&T Wireless have been out of stock for the LG LG G4 battery. Today (August 14th) LG parts via telephone confirmed that they have no stock for this battery.
    Are we going to "give in" to this forced upgrade tactic?
    Several weeks ago LG Parts on line indicated it had one LG G4 battery in stock. I ordered it. Upon arrival the battery was a DUD. I eventually received a UPS return label and RMA from LG parts. The DUD was received at their Ft. Worth warehouse ten days ago, but I have yet to receive credit for the DUD. Today via telephone with several people in various LG departments I was unable to receive anything other than several corporate "lines" and that they will email me within 48 hours. More BS from LG. If there's any good news I have recently found a RAYOVAC replacement battery from Batteries+Bulbs that works well. PS: I have a stack of more than half dozen LG G4 batteries that I have acquired during the last two years. Who so many? Because the LG G4 battery is of inferior quality! Resorting to Amazon will likely get you burned .... their sellers are often not honest. Together we can force LG to be honest with us.
    08-14-2017 05:37 PM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Wow. Some folks have really bad luck.

    The two LG G4 batteries I have had since June 2015 have are still working like champs.
    And no bootloop problem yet. (Knock on wood....)
    08-14-2017 07:05 PM

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