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    I have hunted and hunted for info on clearing the corrupted OS and installing fresh on my Verizon LGG4, I found some stuff but didn't help.
    I was doing a LG update overnight and when I woke it was done and all was well so I restarted it and BAM, black screen no matter what, I tried pushing buttons and nothing, you could tell the screen was lite a little, I removed the battery then reseated it and tried but still nothing, I tried the master reset on start and was able to get to the Factory Data Reset screen and try and run it but it gets stuck and then goes to black screen.
    Is there anywhere I can ship it to get new OS installed or do my self, I did get a new 6 after that happened and using the LGG7 ThinQ but the 4 was a great phone and only used it for 2 months and it looks like new and I just want it in running condition like my other old phones if you know what I mean Please help Thank you
    08-13-2018 09:57 AM

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