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    I rooted this H810 running Lollipop a while back to debloat some of the carrier apps and all was well for a while until yesterday when I tried to delete the annoying AT&T Address Book app via Titanium. I immediately got the "unfortunately, AT&T Address Book has stopped" popup error. If I hit OK it just comes back up. Forcing stop or disabling the app in the system settings does nothing, nor does restoring system apps + data through Titanium.

    Since I didn't have anything important on the phone I figured I'd factory reset it and either get the system apps back that way, or somehow be able to flash the original stock ROM to it and just start from scratch. But after factory resetting, the phone boots into the "welcome" phone setup process, but the zombie AT&T Address Book error still comes up! In addition I can only get up to the setting a lock screen part of the phone setup process before that process ALSO crashes with a "stopped running" error.

    I have system IMG of the phone both before and after the root. Unfortunately I could not find a working TOT to try that method...

    How do I get back to a functioning phone from here?? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
    03-04-2020 04:54 PM

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