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    It's pretty astonishing to see how few articles can skew popular opinions and polarise the thoughts of the masses.

    The issue of modules have been presented in a very negative light. My own perspective on the modular design is that it facilitates both EXPANDABILITY and REDUCIBILTY.
    All the people who have made their PCs could relate to it, there are components necessary for build to work and some are additions as per the need of the builder.
    Example, my pc has a geforce gpu and not a quadro cause my requirements doesnt include any professional graphic designing and chores.*

    Similarly i can buy a barebone phone , then add buy a modular dac/amp to quench my Audiophilia. Another one of friend doesnt need that dac/amp(seriously how many can percieve difference between a FLAC or 320kbps mp3) and he wont have to pay a damn penny for what he doesnt actually need , allowing a lower retail price for the phone and allowing the maufacturer to get some extra bucks by capitalizing on the niches. It's a win win situation for both the sides.

    (Given that Lg undercuts its competetiors prices by around 100 bucks, it cant make more sense.)

    The same goes for having physical camera buttons(perk of battery increment included) or keyboard or kitchen sink whatever modules come in the future.

    What about DEM BEZELS? , I beleive that symmetry is kind of under-rated and "youraverageconsumer" prefers a symmetrical phone over LGs established thin forehead large chin design.

    The phone is HIDEOUS , well thats just plain subjective , i felt the same for nexus 6p but with time it starting giving them techy vibes which are irreproducible by other designs, same holds for LG G5.

    Before it goes completely unnoticed i would like to give creds to LG for inconspicuous antenna bands giving that clean aesthetic to the phone.

    TL;DR - put down your pitchforks and torches and enjoy the time when amazing pieces of hardware like G5 and S7 were released

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    02-26-2016 02:41 AM
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    I don't think the modules are, or will be, a significant factor for this phone. I think few people will buy them. But I agree that people are overreacting and putting too much emphasis on the modules. They're not really a negative feature either (except maybe that the connector takes up space that could hold more battery), and no one will be forced to buy them.

    Aside from that, the phone has a great screen, decent build, removable battery and storage, and probably excellent performance. It's not a bad phone at all. I think some of the negative reaction comes from current LG device owners who see things that appear to be a step backwards: No wireless charging, smaller screen in a larger (at least taller) chassis, less battery capacity at a time competitors are giving us bigger ones, missing software features, loss of the rear buttons, and perhaps no real improvement in the camera performance.

    I'm not worried about the camera. The G4's is already very good. But I do bemoan the loss of wireless charging, the bigger bezels and smaller screen and battery compared to my G3, and the loss of the rear buttons (even though I understand why LG did it). I'm not writing the G5 off, yet, but I'm also not at all excited by it.

    Then again, neither the S7 Edge, or the 6P, or any other current phone is without compromises either.
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    02-26-2016 10:46 AM

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