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    For the last two nights, my phone hasn't been charging to 100% during the night. Both times, I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed that the red charging LED was still on even though it should have complete charging long before. Both times, the lock screen said it was charging. However, when I look at the battery graph, it shows that it charged up to about 85% and then started discharging again, while it was plugged in and while it claimed it was charging.

    On both nights, I unplugged it and plugged it back in. The first night, it charged to 100% after that and was still at 100% when I woke up. Last night however, it again charged to around 85% and then started discharging. I've attached a picture showing the charging graph.

    This was the 5th night I've had the phone, and I don't remember it happening on the first 3 nights. I'm still debugging it, but one thing that changed 2 nights ago was I started using a 6 foot cable from Amazon at night. Another thing that changed was that I turned on the always-on display on Sunday.

    The charger I'm using on my nightstand is an old Droid Max charger that I've used for years. It has 2 port and I use one for my phone and one for my Pebble Round. Another odd thing I noticed last night was that my Pebble Round's backlight came on several times while I was getting ready for bed. I thought the cable was loose, but it did it a few more times after I re-positioned the cable. The charger says that it's output is 5.1V at 750mA. I'm guessing that a total of 750mA across both ports, since that seems to be how chargers are rated.

    Maybe my phone is overloading the charger, but I would have thought it should work fine with older chargers. The 6 foot cable I'm using is some off-brand from Taiwan that I got from Amazon, but I was careful to choose one that was reviewed by the Googler, Benson Leung, and he said that it met spec.

    Here's my battery graph. The phone was plugged in the entire time and the lock screen said it was charging when I checked it around 3:45.

    Won't charge to 100% with my nightstand charger-screenshot_2016-04-06-05-03-49.jpg
    04-06-2016 05:09 AM
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    That is odd! I'm wondering if using the non stock cable has a hand in this, but my brain is saying that's nonsensical. This dinky stock cable is very annoying though, I am counting the days until I get that free battery and cradle
    04-06-2016 08:06 AM

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