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    On my new LG G5 phone, I want to view the notification tones sound files folder to see what format the sound files are so I can see if I can create some of my own sound files with an audio editing program, then load them into the folder so I can select them to use instead of the stock selections. I can see a folder for storing additional ringtones, but where are the files for notification sounds stored?
    04-07-2016 11:38 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! That's in a protected system folder, which you won't be able to access unless you're rooted. You can use MP3, WAV, and I think OGG files as ringtones, notification tones, or alarms.
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    04-07-2016 01:49 PM
  3. Galvin529's Avatar
    Thank you, B. Diddy. I can work with that. On the G5 selection screen overlay for ringtones, there is a "+" symbol in the upper right corner to allow tones selections from your own music files. No such symbol appears on the notifications sounds selection screen overlay when it pops over. Any suggestion how to leave the notifications sounds folder to select other sound files? Do I have to create an external sounds folder first?
    04-09-2016 08:01 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I just add those files to the Notifications directory using a file manager. This is a good article to read: Android 101: Adding your own custom sounds to Android events | Android Central
    04-09-2016 08:17 PM

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