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    I would like to replace my Verizon flip phone with the LG G5.
    I particularly like the wide-angle camera and the native 16:9 camera sensor.

    I also like the idea of getting my hands on one for under $300.

    And yet I am very aware that over time this phone can develop problems with Wi-Fi, GPS, camera focusing, etc.

    SO, my question is > What is the best way to get a deal on the LG G5 that will allow me to replace it or send it back to LG for repair under warranty in case any major problems pop up during the next year or two?

    More Info: I am on a Verizon unlimited plan with four lines (1 iPhone, 2 flip phones, and 1 tablet).
    All devices are paid off, so no particular commitment to stay with Verizon, although it would be easier not to have to replace each device if we moved over to T-Mobile (second choice).

    The best deal I've seen was last month from Best Buy ($5 month/24 months - $120 total). I missed that, so I keep checking Best Buy's site, hoping that same deal will be repeated. At the moment they list the Verizon LG G5 at $15/month, which is a better deal than Verizon themselves, who list it at $20/month.

    >> Does getting a potentially troubled phone from a carrier offer more protection for replacement or repair over buying one from Best Buy, Amazon, or even Swappa, or will LG's warranty be just as good from any of these options?

    Just trying to get the best deal and protection on a new LG G5. Any thoughts?
    04-07-2017 11:28 PM

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