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    The contacts file I have is one that was created by Samsung "Smart Switch" and it resides on my desktop. I have established a connection from the desktop to the LG G6 but I don't know where it is supposed to go, and I don't know if it is the right file type for the LG. It's called "contacts.spba"

    The phones are both on Verizon. There is no trace of "Contacts" on Google or Verizon cloud.

    Thanks for any help.
    06-13-2017 04:52 PM
  2. okrobie's Avatar
    It seems that this is a topic in many places on the internet. They all seem to agree that the file (contacts.spba) should be opened with Kies3, but I have Kies and I still don't know how to use it to open this file. Can anyone please give me some guidance on how to get this file opened? Thanks, Jim
    06-14-2017 10:24 AM
  3. Im Broken's Avatar
    I can't help but this is the reason you should be using Google to store your contacts if you're an Android user. These phone manufacturers don't make that default and it comes back to bite everyone.
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    06-14-2017 07:09 PM
  4. Im Broken's Avatar
    Actually, what model was your Samsung?
    06-14-2017 07:09 PM
  5. okrobie's Avatar
    Thanks Im Broken, (Im Broken too) My old phone was a Samsung S5. At the time I was going through a paranoid phase where I didn't want to share anything.

    Admin: Please move this thread. I just realized that I have an LG G5
    06-14-2017 09:50 PM
  6. Im Broken's Avatar
    you should try and borrow someone's Samsung just so you can load up those contacts then export from the phone into your Google account. I'm guessing that Samsung file isn't going to import/export any other way.
    06-14-2017 11:59 PM
  7. belodion's Avatar
    [Thread moved to G5; thread title changed accordingly.]
    06-15-2017 07:55 AM
  8. okrobie's Avatar
    Today, after all my angst, my contacts came flooding in for no apparent reason. Thanks for all your help,Best regards, Jim
    06-16-2017 05:09 PM

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