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    Hey everyone,
    looking for some help with my LG G5 (european version, so I guess that would be the unlocked version in the US?). I have the phone for about a year, never had any problems with it, until yesterday that is. No modifications done to it, no root, nothing. So, to get to the problem, yesterday in the evening I was out and about and my phone was kind of low on battery (the battery has never been changed, so the capacity is lower from the use and so on), after a few hours the phone shut down at around 15-20% which is also normal for me. I didn't notice it at first, I just thought it shut down for some reason, tried to boot it up, it went into a boot loop because of the low battery, so I switched it off so it wouldn't get to 0%. When I got home, plugged it in, it started up, was at 13%, then I went to the bathroom, when I got back, the phone was off for some reason, I started it up again, no problem with the starup, showed it was at 15% and after like a minute it shut down and from that point I can't get it to start. I mean not even show signs of life, no logo showing, no bootup screen, no vibration, nothing. Today I tried just about everything I could to repair it, took it apart, cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol, tried multiple chargers, cables, even tried a different than the default module( I got the B and O music module) and I even bought a new battery, because I thought the old one was dead. No success with anything unfortunately. I tried plugging it into a powerbank, and it is not charging (my powerbank has a % readout, no % gone down in about an hour of charging).
    Anyone got any idea what I should try, not too keen on taking it into a shop, I know how to disassemle phones myself, done it a lot of times, I just don't know what is wrong with this one
    Any and all ideas are very much appreciated
    Thank you very much, Chos5555
    09-05-2017 10:34 AM

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