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    Hi, I just recently purchased a Roku Express Plus. I had one of the very first generation Roku's but I haven't used it for 3 or 4 years so I got it all set up and was excited about the option to screen mirror my phone to watch content that I can't cast.

    Everywhere I look shows me the exact same information, which is basically to go to my settings in my LG G5, share and connect, select the device, and then, supposedly, Voila! Except there is no Voila!

    What ends up happening is that my phone sees the Roku unit and after it finishes searching it shows it's connecting. I've already been into my Roku settings and it sees the LG G5 and also has an abled no prompts necessary for connection. But within a couple of seconds of connecting to the Roku, and the Roku puts up a little purple screen that shows a small device and a large TV screen so it looks like something's going to happen, then the connection drops, Roku goes back to its home screen, and my phone shows no devices are available for connection.

    I have tried to Google myself silly figuring out what might be going on. I can't screen mirror remotely from my phone to my TV, which is early generation flat screen and not a smart TV, but with an HDMI cord and a dongle I bought that allows it to work that way. But, of course, when I do that I'm limited to screen mirroring only as long as my battery is running because the dongle goes into my charging port on my phone.

    Maybe I am misunderstanding things, but from everything I can see, it appears that my Roku model I have, which is a 3900 series, should work as the Miracast Dongle so that my LG G5 can screen mirror to my unsmart TV.

    I have PlayStored myself to death and because Developers interchange the words "cast" and "mirror" it's been install, uninstall, install, uninstall Ad nauseam. For all of the apps that end up just basically being "assistants" and taking me to my share and connect page they are no help at all because even though I go through the process the same problem happens.

    I did download one app, which works but is working so horribly because of the app itself that it's useless. So I do know that my phone can mirror through the Roku somehow but it is basically circumventing having to go through the Share & Connect somehow. That app was called Screen Stream Mirroring, and I was trying the free version because I did not want to spend $5 if it wasn't going to work at all. Aside from the annoying ads and limited time, it did a lot of "loading. . .", and had a significant delay. I don't mind the delay, but today it was working worse than it did last night when I first tried it. I'm not sure how it connects, but there was a little tab on the side that said to connect to Chromecast, DLNA, or other stuff, and when I clicked on that Roku popped up as an option because the app saw my Roku so I connected that way. Or any way connected crappily.

    I know that's a lot of information, but I wanted to give you everything that I've tried so far. I've also cleared my caches, uninstalled the third party mirroring and casting apps, rebooted my phone, unplug and rebooted the Roku, and I'm not sure if there is a great app I can download? I don't mind a third party app but I can't find one that will work for me right now. So if anybody has ideas on that. Again, I need something that will mirror and not just passed because I would like to view my DishAnywhere or other things on the TV that I can't see through my Roku.

    Or, ideally, it would be great to have my phone mirror directly to the Roku without that connection dropping and not seeing the device for some reason. There is no Direct Customer Support with Roku or my model Roku even though I just bought it new. My only options are help center cookie cutter choices you have to select from a drop-down menu, none of which have anything to do with screen mirroring.

    Thank you in advance for any experience and or suggestions and ideas to troubleshoot this.,

    04-25-2018 01:06 PM
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    Okay, how about a good Screen Mirroring App, not Casting, to mirror my LG G5 through my Roku? But it needs to bypass the Screen Mirroring button on my Share & Connect in Settings since that process keeps recognizing, trying to connect, and then dropping the Roku.

    I did find one app that used a tab to connect directly to DNLA, Chromecast, etc. that recognized Roku and connected it, but the buffering/loading was horrible, the resolution wasn't great, and the second time I tried to use it the audio was not working. It was called Screen Stream Mirroring by MOBZAPP. Others I tried simply took me back to toggling on my Screen Mirroring button, and that is not working. Bypassing it did work, although the app wasn't great. I am hoping there is another, but I have not had luck since some developers say "mirror" but mean casting.

    Thank you in advance for your time and and ideas,
    04-26-2018 09:29 AM
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    I have this same problem(cast device drop) with Roku stick and a NUI g3. Did you ever find an answer? Thx
    10-22-2018 07:56 PM

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