1. runtotorun0121's Avatar
    Okay, if no one has a thought regarding my mirror dropping post, how about a good Screen Mirroring App, not Casting, to mirror my LG G5 through my Roku? But it needs to bypass the Screen Mirroring button on my Share & Connect in Settings since that process keeps recognizing, trying to connect, and then dropping the Roku.

    I did find one app that used a tab to connect directly to DNLA, Chromecast, etc. that recognized Roku and connected it, but the buffering/loading was horrible, the resolution wasn't great, and the second time I tried to use it the audio was not working. It was called Screen Stream Mirroring by MOBZAPP. Others I tried simply took me back to toggling on my Screen Mirroring button, and that is not working. Bypassing it did work, although the app wasn't great. I am hoping there is another, but I have not had luck since some developers say "mirror" but mean casting.

    Thank you in advance for your time and and ideas,
    04-26-2018 10:33 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I know AllCast works great, but can't remember if it just does DLNA or if it does mirroring as well (I think it does). You can try the Chromecast app (Google Home) which allows for 'casting' the screen, just not sure if it'll recognize the Roku as a casting target or not.

    Now, have you tried other devices on your Roku (to mirror)? It could be that your router or network is blocking mirroring traffic (firewalls, QoS settings, blocked ports or protocols, etc. might affect traffic). Does your phone work with mirroring in other devices in different networks (smart TV, chromecast, another Roku)? If not, then something about your phone's mirroring is broken (and that one is harder to debug/fix).
    04-26-2018 12:01 PM

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