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    I have a very wierd problem in my LG G5, I have the phone for 2 years and last week when I disconnected the charger from the phone it showed that the phone is still charging (the battery icon showed that and also the red led stayed on).
    The wierd is that in the setting menu under battery it shows that the phone is discharging which is the opposite to what appears in the battery icon.
    I have tried to replace battery and charger, to make factory reset, and the problem stayed. I've also cleaned the usb port with alcohol and air pressure and it didn't help.

    The very big problem apart from the visual problem is that the battery is discharging now very quickly. Before the problem started, if i had 100% in the night, the next morning was about 85%-90%, but now from 100% it drops to 40%...

    * I have android 7 nougat since october...

    Here is a picture which illustrates the problem:

    Hope for help
    12-24-2018 11:21 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    There's evidently a short in the phone somewhere, but inside, not in the USB port. I don't suggest trying to take it apart yourself - bring it to a good repair shop.
    12-24-2018 02:52 PM

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