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    So after the latest software update, my phone made me choose a gmail address to secure my pictures. After I've chosen one, I lost access to my older pictures which were locked. Now, if I try to view them, it says it's locked under another google account. I tried all my gmail account but I've received the same error with all of them. How can I access my locked pictures now?
    01-21-2019 12:36 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Which phone? Are you talking about the latest system update, or the latest app update for your gallery app? Can you describe a little more about choosing a Gmail address to secure your pictures -- was this Private Mode?
    01-21-2019 03:03 AM
  3. Royer33's Avatar
    Hello, two days ago I've updated my phone to the newest software update, before I did that, I had no problems viewing my locked photos. After the update, it asked me to select an account to protect my locked images. I chose the one and only Gmail account I use. Now I can't see any of my locked images, it gives me an error saying " this file is locked by another google account ". It's been two frustrating days, I've been trying everything and nothing worked. I don't have another google account. I tried removing and re-logging to my google account which didn't work either. I tried moving all images to my PC and moving them back into the SD which also didn't work. I have a lot of important images in that folder and this is annoying me so much because they simply took away my right to view my pictures. I read a lot of topics and threads from people who experience the same problem, but none of them seem to have solved it. I'm losing hope.
    01-22-2019 12:12 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I merged your duplicate threads. I'm speculating here, but it sounds like the encryption key that the phone used to lock the photos was lost when you did the system update. Something like that should remain unchanged, but perhaps some glitch in how the firmware handles this caused it to create a new encryption key (when it asked you to select an account to protect the images), and that new encryption key doesn't match the old one. Sorry, but I'm not sure how to address that. You might want to call LG support, but that admittedly might be useless as well.
    01-22-2019 01:13 AM

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