1. sata's Avatar
    I have the G4 and love it, its comfortable to hold, has a large enough screen for my taste, and I love the back buttons.

    On the G6 the buttons are on the side, and on the left side.

    How comfortable is it to increase volume while talking on the phone, or to take a picture while holding the phone steady in the process?
    And if you have to have side and not back buttons, wouldn't it be more comfortable on the right side of the phone? Then you would use the thumb to click on them.

    Also I can't pass the fact that the camera/s are only 13MP, as its in 4:3 format right?, not 16MP 16:9

    I prefer 16:9 format and always use the maximum res available (I won't use lower resolution for 16:9 format)

    What do you think?
    03-13-2017 09:24 AM
  2. flyingkytez's Avatar
    I actually have the V20 with the volume buttons on the left side and I love it. I always use my left hand to use the phone mostly, and if the volume button were on the right side, I wouldn't be able to reach it because the phone is too big. My thumb easily reaches the volume button, and I prefer the side buttons because when you have the phone mounted on a car mount, there's no way to reach it (to turn on the screen you just double tap the screen).
    03-13-2017 02:32 PM

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