1. Bruno Fendri's Avatar
    I have just moved from iPhone to LG G6.
    Great phone love it so much.
    However I see not so many cases for it, which a bit turns me down.
    Found one a bit expensive but rather remarkable than others
    Will appreciate any suggestions...
    03-23-2017 10:48 AM
  2. TylerLV76's Avatar
    I just order a SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO for $15. By far one of my favorite cases for phones and has a built in screen protector so I can hold off on a tempered glass until they get reviewed.

    03-23-2017 10:59 AM
  3. X1tymez's Avatar
    Hope you have Amazon. There's ton of cases to choose from.

    The brand I usually pick is Ringke.
    Morty2264 likes this.
    03-24-2017 12:59 AM
  4. anon(1733)'s Avatar
    I ordered a UAG case. But I am using the honeycomb skin right now from slickwraps because I love the feel of the phone to much right not to use a case.
    03-24-2017 08:57 AM
  5. ajb1965's Avatar
    I ordered a cheap Abacus PU Wallet case yesterday because I could get it same day. 10 bucks on Amazon. I usually end up with a VRS Design Dandy because I like the hard shell insert rather than the TPU ones. I like wallet cases.

    03-24-2017 09:28 AM
  6. Morty2264's Avatar
    Welcome to the Android side - we have Nougat. :P

    As other users above me have stated, check out Amazon! They usually have a tonnage of options for phone cases, screen protectors, etc.

    Also, Caseology (a website that specialises in cases for some Android and Apple devices) has two different G6 cases currently available. I've ordered from them before - they're great and the cases are amazing! Good prices, too. And there's a warranty or some type of protection "plan" that comes with the cases.
    03-25-2017 09:33 PM
  7. BeyondtheTech's Avatar
    The 2-pack cases from SPARIN are an easy winner at only $5 shipped. It gives a slim TPU covering with raised edges and corner bumpers to make sure the camera is not sitting on the table's surface, plus a dotted pattern on the inside of the case to prevent the weird sticking to the phone.


    Any cases for LG G6-71eqgykqgul._sl1500_.jpg
    03-25-2017 10:31 PM

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