1. Bruno Slivar's Avatar
    I got case and temp.glass from Patchworks
    One of the best cases that i use on G5, and for G6 also is perfect case. Soft case that look so nice and give very good feel in hand. Case is super soft.
    Tempered glass is very good, cover all screen. Just dont cover front camera and "loudspeaker". I try temp.glass with 3 cases, and i dont have problem with any.
    Very good Patchworks. Very good
    05-08-2017 12:46 PM
  2. Bruno Slivar's Avatar
    I review cases and tempered glasses, few years. This is first time i have something like this. Space between case and temp.glass iz 0 (zero) mm. Like from one piece. Just perfect
    05-25-2017 04:29 AM

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