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    Here's copy paste of my thoughts on G6 so far from the other theme. Hope it helps you.

    Hmm, i can tell you my overall experience with G6 switched from iOS to android didn't have much money so i bought the G3 was thinking to go back to iPhone but i wanted to give one more chance to Android and LG since i falled in love with it..

    So for the G6 the battery life has been great so far with 5-7 SoT with 1 charge ofc depending on the usage of the phone. Fast charging could be better ( by that i mean faster ) it goes from 0-100% for like 1h and 30-40min but im okay with that... And i love the way the G6 isn't overheating during usage and charging unlike for ex. mine G3 which was burning..

    So il continue with the display, display is for me pretty great, people find it strange but i don't like amoled and samsung and their touchwiz that's why i didn't even consider in buying the S8/+.. The G6 has a great display the colors are bright and loveable, kinda got used to the 18:9 ratio and it's well nothing special but awesome. The always on, on the other hand well unless you are using it at night or in dark areas, it is pretty pointless during sunny days.. And during the night it's not so bright like on amoled displays but it's okay if you are user like me that has all notification sounds off and misses the led notification.

    The camera is pretty good considering we are tallong about phone camera not dslr.. And both main and wide angle have been doing great job for me so far with nice exposure, texture and overall experience and the enhancement in camera app unlike on the older G series phones. Front camera on the other hand well if you are a selfie maniac i should suggest you skip the G6, front camera is well 6/10 from me with not so great quality and texture of the photos, but hey i don't care about it. So no big deal for me ๐Ÿ˜œ

    Fingerprint scanner is good, but not as fast as on the other devices in the current flagship series, my brother has Honor 8, and his fingerprint sensor unlocks the phone instantly you put your finger on it but again something that doesn't bother me but might someone else like the front camera.

    Speaker si very loud and crisp unlike the few reviews i saw, were people were complaining about main speaker that it's not loud. It's okay and you can hear everything great and overall the phone is waterproof so maybe that's why it sound a bit silenced well they need to protect it.

    What i miss the most is that they replaced volume buttons on the side, i missed them being around camera it was so great and natural but again fu*k it IP68 ๐Ÿ˜œ the buttons are great all though when you pressed them they kinda feel like they have some space around them and they kinda feel fragile but that's just a feeling im getting..

    The phone speaker is great and loud, voice of the person you talk with is crisp aswell but i sometimes do hear some background noises so idk what else to say on that..

    User experience on G6 so far has been great i love their UI, for me the LG has the best smartphone keyboard on market for years so far.. I had few laggs after switching or leaving some apps, but it seems like these are just some bugs that can be fixed with some future update.
    Everything else is working fast and smoothly.

    Here on Europe we have very hot summers so my G3 for example for staying in standby and only in my pocket was having temperatures that goes 44+ celsius, and the G6 on the other hand on the direct sun and usage on it don't goes over 38 celsius, and average temp of the phone is 34. How much is that in kelvin idk 100 kelvin is 0 celsius so you can calculate it for yourself i'm lazy about that haha...

    So for the end i have some friends that are having the S8 but honestly how much i do miss the led notification, the SP835 on the G6 i would still go for it over the S8, i absolutely love the phone and i'm glad i bought it over the S8 and iPhone 7.

    And idk where are you all from i guess USA but here in Europe you can find the G6 with no contract and provider for like 450-500$ so that's pretty okay price i would say for a great phone. And honestly i think that after the G2 this is their first phone series that is so far worth buying. If you have any other questions feel free to ask, because idk what else to say or comment about it, sorry if my english is bad it's not my main language.. ๐Ÿ˜
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