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    Every so often, I don't receive text notifications with my LG G6. Figuring it was the native messaging app, I started using a different app for messages (Signal). Today, I had the phone sitting right beside me and again didn't get notification of any texts or Signal messages. I'm wondering if this could have anything to do with the Do Not Disturb feature, which I USED to use, but have since disabled. Has anyone experienced the issue where having previously used Do Not Disturb is causing the phone to go into DND mode all on its own? I have a feeling this is the issue, because my wife and I got the same phones at the same time and she's not having the issue - she also has never turned on DND.
    11-14-2017 02:39 PM
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    On my G6 (Verizon version), when DND is Off, it still does not give notifications during any Downtime that you may have set. Check under Notifications > Do not disturb > Advanced/Schedule > Downtime and see if that is turned on or you have a time period set. If that is on, you will not get notifications during those hours. I have mine set up to to give me notifications during certain hours at night, but you may not want that so just turn it off.
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    11-14-2017 05:45 PM
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    Just curious if you had the messaging or Signal app open (even if the screen was locked) when you didn't get a notification. Some of these apps intentionally skip the notifications if you have them open since theoretically you would be looking at them already (but they don't consider if your screen is actually locked at the time).
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    11-15-2017 07:34 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Both of the posters above me gave really good input on what could be the culprit with your G6 and DND notification setting.

    To reiterate, I have my phone set to go into DND mode from 11 PM - 7 AM; and sometimes I do get "missed" texts and other notifications because I forget that my phone will automatically jump to DND mode at that time.

    If you ever want to keep your phone on DND mode but don't want to miss specific text messages, you can set up priority contacts. You will still get their calls/messages notifications; even if DND is enabled.
    11-17-2017 02:21 PM

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