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    Hey there fellow modifiers!
    I have gathered the best tips and tricks to get the best battery life on our loved LG G6.
    All this methods were made on a H870S non rooted phone so anyone can do it.
    Post gets constantly updated with more tricks, so keep coming!

    Reduce resolution to 1080p and adjust DPI for comfortable view:

    1) Connect phone via adb and activate debugging.

    2) Execute this command and select the resolution you want.

    "adb shell wm size 1080x2160" THIS MAKES YOUR PHONE RUN IN 1080 NATIVE RESOLUTION.(tested and works wonders)
    "adb shell wm size 720x1440" HAVEN'T TESTED THIS ONE, IF YOU DO COMMENT.

    If you need the original resolution just run:
    "adb shell wm size 1440x2880"

    3) Run this command to adjust DPI(screen scaling).

    "adb shell wm density 500" SLIGHTLY SMALLER.
    "adb shell wm density 400" EVEN SMALLER. THE ONE I LIKE WHILE USING 1080P
    "adb shell wm density 300" COULD WORK GOOD WITH 720P.

    If you need the original resolution just run:
    "adb shell wm density 640" THE ORIGINAL WITH 1440P.(or the three options on "app scaling are 544/640/720)


    4) Reboot if needed.

    Deactivate/Debloat the phone as much as possible.

    Just go to settings > Apps and start searching for deactivable system apps.

    Secret menu

    Disabling LDB

    1) Open Dialer and type "*#546368#*870#" where "870" is your model number.
    A "secret menu" should appear, if not search for your secret code.

    2) Go to "SVC Menu"
    3) Go to "LDB"
    4) Untick the "enable". It should then say below it "MLT will not run after booting.


    Disabling Log Service.
    1) Go back from the previous menu.
    2) Go to "Log Service"
    3) Tap 2 times on "Log enable". It should enable and then disable again all logs, cleaning them in the process.
    4) Exit menu.

    Disable Always on Display.

    Settings > Display > Always on Display.

    Disable Wifi/Bluetooth scanning while off.

    Go to Settings > location> three dots > scanning > Bluetooth scanning and Wifi scanning.

    Disable "Find my Device" under Phone Administrators if you don't use it.

    Settings > Fingerprints & Security > Phone Administrators

    Disable Excess "Trust Agents".
    Settings > Fingerprints & Security > Trust Agents. (I personally never use nor "LG Face recognition" or "Smart Lock (google) so i disable them)

    Disable Alarming Flash if On.

    Settings> Accessibility> listening> Alarming flash

    Use Greenify to "Doze" the Battery-Hog Apps.

    Just download "Greenify" from play store and follow instructions given on app.

    Turn on Battery Saver.
    B. Diddy likes this.
    01-15-2018 10:50 PM
  2. Morty2264's Avatar
    Thank you for posting these tips and tricks!
    01-16-2018 08:40 AM
  3. ozzy88's Avatar
    What is "LBD"?
    01-17-2018 10:06 AM
  4. benjamin19's Avatar
    Excellent tip with changing resolution. Never have tried it, but I have always been a fan of OnePlus sticking with 1080p, since realistically our eyes can't distinguish anything more anyways. I may play around with this setting tomorrow and will report back.
    01-20-2018 08:14 PM
  5. ksmithservices's Avatar
    You say 640 DPI is default with 1440p but I beg to differ... I ended up using 540 and it looks as close to normal as I can remember... Typo?
    01-21-2018 06:06 AM
  6. ksmithservices's Avatar
    Also you guys should know that if you want 1080p to definitely use 400 DPI and restart right after. Otherwise you'll have a bad UI experience. Seems to work for me. Some glitches here and there. My Kustom KWGT widgets are all either shrunken or bigger lol. Reverting changes to DPI and res does restore these back to normal glory
    01-21-2018 06:15 AM
  7. ksmithservices's Avatar
    So... It would also appear 1080p kills Always On Display... Any workaround?
    01-21-2018 08:00 AM
  8. bobdob's Avatar
    Disabling LDB/MLT and log service made a huge difference in my standby time. Took about 2 hours after unplugging the charger (without me using the phone) before the percentage dropped to 99%. Turning wifi off while the screen is off would probably push it noticeably further, but I don't like the negative effects of doing that.

    LDB apparently is some kind of monitoring service that is supposed to help LG support you with phone issues. Some people have been disabling it (even going back to the G3) because of privacy concerns, though I'm not sure I am worried about that.
    01-23-2018 01:00 PM
  9. dkshaer's Avatar
    Nothing happens when I do this. Can't dial it, right? "Open Dialer and type "*#546368#*870#" where "870" is your model number."
    02-14-2018 09:30 AM
  10. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I made this thread a sticky for better visibility.
    02-14-2018 10:23 AM
  11. brian10161's Avatar
    I just tried out the display size change, dropped it to 1080p and 400 density, I really like it so far. Performance gains if any seem negligible, but I'll see how my SOT is after this charge, I typically get 5 hours SOT over LTE and about 7 at home on wifi (not using LTE, signal is good and screen brightness is typically less).

    Maybe now I can use 100% brightness on the road and still get a decent SOT out of it too!

    Edit: I just did some quick calculations, try 480 for mid size, and 408 for small size at 1080p.
    1440p to 1080p is 75% of original size. So I took the density numbers and downsized them to 75%, it seems to get rid of some small fuzziness around fonts and icons.
    03-05-2018 08:09 AM
  12. Umair Jadoon's Avatar
    My Lg G6 battery life is terrible due to idle battery drain.How to fix it? I disabled LDB but nothing imoroves.
    06-29-2018 12:32 PM
  13. beagle82's Avatar
    My Lg G6 battery life is terrible due to idle battery drain.How to fix it? I disabled LDB but nothing imoroves.
    I would try uninstalling updates from Google play services, then re updating them again. Often that could be the culprit. Otherwise it's normally a social media app or just some other app going crazy in the background. Check your battery stats to see.
    06-29-2018 01:22 PM

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