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    Lg g6 release 03//2017
    Nexus 6p 09//2015 (18months later)

    My n6p started rebooting and having issues, so needed a new phone. Brand new tmobile g6s are selling for about $270 on ebay; i thought that was steal for a 1 year old flagship device. I would not be happy paying full price for this phone. There are some big problems that are not acceptable at full price. I don’t want to buy a pixel because we are halfway between generations, and the NO HEADPHONE jack is killer for me. Also

    Phone history
    All the nexus were most stable, fastest firmware, but bad cameras until 6p when the nexus line significantly increased in price.
    Htc one - strongly disliked
    Nexus 3, 4,
    Galaxy s6 - wow, what a piece of laggy junk even though it cost double my previous nexus it was worse. Much better camera though. Also it broke 14 months after.
    Nexus 5, 6p

    I didn’t even like the early oleds, i thought way too saturation and unlifelike colors. The new samsung oleds are great; nexus 6p is great screen compared to what i’ve seen.

    Is way too blue-purple. The white balance is so far off it’s really bad. I can’t believe how people aren’t trashing it the reviews; i’m very skeptical of all these review sites now wanting a continuous supply of review copies. Even look in this video, you can tel how blue/purple the screen is. Side by side just makes it so much trash. N6p display way better
    look at 1:24

    I even booted up the nexus 5, a LG made phone with a lg ips lcd display. I was sad to see it was much better than the g6 as well.

    The auto dimming sucks. I didn’t know this was still a problem today.

    Have edge to edge screen to minimize the package is really nice.

    No nice way to put it, it’s much worse than the n6p even though it’ 18months newer. I noticed a lot of the “review sites” used non human shots. These kinds of comparisons so much less critical, as its much more friendly to digital processing like sharpening and noise reduction.

    All pics are posted in full resolution, info to see photo info including phone source.

    Rear camera
    Color capture is just bad on g6, even at iso 250. 6p wasn’t turning up contrast badly, it’s just much more true to life image capture

    Even as iso 100 on these camera,s you can see how much dynamic range the 6p captures. Look at the shadowing.

    Hand shots
    On the g6, i forced the shutter speed slower getting an iso as low as 200. This improved things a lot on the g6. Even as low as iso300, it looks like crap compared to even iso 800 on n6p. On auto mode, the g6 is shoots at iso 600+, and it’s a disaster. Way too processed, clay hands, muddled colors and details. Auto vs auto; the differences are night and day.

    Front facing.
    Even at 600 and 1200 iso, the n6p is so much better than iso300 on the the g6.

    Software. I’m shocked it’s good. I just installed google launcher and it works pretty flawlessly. This is my phone non nexus phone that i actually liked. I dont’ care if updates are a year behind, as long as junky laggy bloatware is not invading my phone

    Hardware: i dont’ care about 1 year old cpu or memory as long as it’s fast., i’m not playing 3d games on it. LOVE the microsd ability.I don’t care about the back since it lives in a case anyway. Fingerprint sensor and location are great.

    Misc. speaker is ok, i’ll take the tradeoff for worse speakers quality for smaller package vs front facing stereo speakers on n6p. Call quality is much better with my tmobile than n6p, not sure if it’s “hd voice”, it works great.
    05-15-2018 03:02 PM
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    so, i downloaded the google camera app on the g6. you give up many features, but hte processing is so much better. here's stock software vs google camera. it still can't compete with the n6p.
    05-16-2018 09:57 PM
  3. bob13bob's Avatar
    Simplified comparison
    nexus 6p auto vs lg 6 auto https://photos.app.goo.gl/3jCZfYXGeGhy1EpX9
    Lg g6 photos: stock software vs google camera app https://photos.app.goo.gl/VhWJyI7MyLS9GELn1
    05-18-2018 02:01 PM
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    Pretty interesting rant here. Most all the reviews on YouTube rave about the G6 especially when compared to the S8 or others. From what I remember none of the Nexus phones were problem free, nor are the Pixel devices at twice the price. I've seen brand new G6's go for $230+ which when you add the LG two year warranty make it a pretty nice deal. Used OnePlus 3T's go for more as do Galaxy S7's running the same processor and less RAM
    05-21-2018 03:17 PM

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