1. Norbert Magyarics's Avatar
    Hello there.

    I unlocked the BL yesterday and flashed TWRP and then AEX latest Oreo based ROM. It was fine, but since I came from Oreo, I did not have fingerprint sensor working.
    So I wanted to go back to Nougat and then flash the AEX from there. Uppercut didn't recognize the phone so I installed a stock based rooted Oreo from TWRP.

    I started the Uppercut flash with a stock Nougat system, but it was interrupted (in upgrade mode, refurbish mode doesn't work at all) referring to: error 0x2bc invalid command response code.
    Later with another kdz file it gave me: error 0x2bc crc checksum error

    From then on I cannot get into anything else, just download mode (in there, wildly short-pressing the Vol- and Power buttons gets me into a menu where I can turn the phone off, and I can boot into Fastboot mode. )

    In fastboot mode I flash twrp and then when I try to boot into twrp by selecting the usual reset system options, it just gets into download mode again.

    I could not get any kdz to install on it so far. I tried H87020C, 10D, 20A.

    So now I have download mode, which fails and fastboot mode, in which I don't really know what can I do.

    LG Bridge doesn't help, LG Flash Tool stops at extracting all the kdz files I gave it and LG UP also doesn't work.
    The bootloader is still unlocked.

    Please help me with this.
    09-26-2018 03:08 AM
  2. Norbert Magyarics's Avatar
    All of a sudden, for the fifth sad trial, LG Bridge somehow managed to flash a Nougat system onto it.
    09-26-2018 04:01 AM

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