1. skidaddytn's Avatar
    I finally cracked my G6 screen after dropping the phone many times over 18 months of use.
    My battery was also not what it used to be... The life barely lasted a day when I used to get almost 2 days when new.

    I bought a new battery for around 12 bucks, and a new screen assembly for 60 (which is the LCD plus side bezel already attached. Also got some thin 3m (2mm) double sided tape for reattachment of back panel which was a few bucks. I set out to change them last night. I was successful! Everything seems to be good as new. I have changed screens and batteries in other phones before, but this is the first I had to do that was glued (IP68). I think everything was bought on ebay and amazon. The whole process took around 3-4 hours, but if I had to do it again, maybe an hour. A lot of it was figuring out how to remove the parts the video did not cover (volume switch, speaker, coin cell battery, shielding, etc)

    I can say this: If you watch the witrigs youtube video and you own a heat gun, the glue is not hard to get apart at all. I just had a cheap harbor freight heat gun and used it on low.

    I have some advice for people taking this on:

    1) My screen did not have an LG logo like the original. It still seems identical to me and works just like the original. I don't see any difference in brightness or color or touch sensitivity.
    2) If you can find JUST the LCD/touchscreen as shown in the video, buy it instead! It might be easier to remove both front and back glass with a heat gun than it was for me to transfer all those tiny glued parts and shields from the old front bezel to the new one. This took most of the time and will require some good magnification and patience with a spudger tool.
    3) Changing JUST the lithium ion battery is of course, a lot easier.
    4) My phone is probably no longer water resistant, but I'd rather have the new battery and perfect screen, so I'm happy.
    5) Do not follow the witrigs youtube video reassembly (its missing steps), instead, just play the disassembly from that video in reverse and you'll have everything. It really is a great video. If I had bought JUST the lcd/touch screen, it would have matched perfectly.

    Thought I would share as there have been other posts wondering if others had done DIY on this phone. Its not as easy as the older iphones, sgs4, etc, but its not as bad as I thought it would be...
    10-17-2018 04:33 PM
  2. benjamin19's Avatar
    That is very impressive! Would love a new battery but am not even going to attempt to perform that procedure!
    10-19-2018 12:33 AM
  3. skidaddytn's Avatar
    I could not find many posts of people doing this DIY, and went blind faith from that video. I can understand reluctance, I was reluctant myself. If you have taken apart a phone before and changed the supposed non-replaceable battery, I would just say, don't let the glue stop you. Once open its actually very modular. But at the same time, once done, I would not be taking underwater pictures ever again. I took a few when I first bought the phone and it did work and was fun. I guess at some point everyone has to decide if you would rather have a new battery on the cheap, or just shell out some major $$$ and buy a new phone. There have been some phones where I had to unsolder the battery. At least in this one, the battery is glued, but it has snap on connector (no soldering).
    10-20-2018 01:42 AM

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