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    Just leaving something interesting when I found my daughter's fingerprint sensor and poeer button not working after a repair.

    Before buying a completely new sensor try this quick mechanical diagnostic:
    Continually press down just above the power button and slightly to the left -
    directly underneath the window left camera. At the same time operate the LG.
    You may find that suddenly you have the fingerprint sensor operating again and possibly the power button also works as it should.
    I found in replacing another item in an LG G6 it was the battery door (that I had also replaced since the glass had shattered) that was the problem. The new door was slightly bowed in the center, right where the fingerprint /power button is.
    The fingerprint sensor is connected to a flex ribbon affixed to the door that ends in 10 gold contacts. These contacts match a series of 10 contacts opposite on the motherboard. When the door is tightly sealed and the door flat (usually) then the door contacts touch the motherboard contacts and all is well.
    Since my new door is bowed my contacts don't touch but in a few places, sometimes not at all. But (once the door is sealed on) pressing the door - flattening it just between the sensor and left camera -will engage the contacts and EVERYTHING suddenly works as it should.
    The fix may be:
    1. Add extra adhesive strips to keep the 10 contacts engaged to those on the motherboard. (or also buy the pre-made adhesive made for the door but ensure it has the extra pieces that extend to the middle - not all of these premade door adhesive stickers have this.
    2. Buy a new battery door that's more flat and won't give you this problem. Dont know how you would know before you receive it, however. Possibly those that already have a new sensor on them may be better made? I dont know.
    3. Bend that door in the center so that there's always a contact there between the door and the motherboard. BUT the door has glass and can flex only so much - you run the risk of cracking the back door glass.
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    05-11-2019 01:17 AM
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    Or return the door as defective and ask for a replacement (and tell the seller why it' defective - if they keep a dozen of them piled one aop the other, that could bow the bottom ones).
    05-11-2019 02:10 PM

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