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    My wife and I purchased two LG G7's when T-Mobile was offering a BOGO deal, and while the phone itself has been a beast, we are both experiencing significant issues with the cameras. We have 2 kids, and our previous phones (Samsung S7's) were amazing at capturing the action, even in relatively low light situations. Unfortunately my wife's S7 stopped working, which is what prompted the upgrade ...

    Here's a brief list of issues:

    - Camera app is fairly slow to launch. After opening the app I see a black screen for a few seconds prior to being able to take a picture

    - There is a delay from the time you press the photo capture button to the time a photo is actually captured. This is a big deal for us since sometimes our daughter stops smiling or looks away by the time we get a photo. We have a ton of pictures of a motion blur of her head as she turns away... when a perfect photo would have been possible had the camera fired sooner.

    - The image stabilization seems very unreliable, or maybe it's just the shutter speed, but we're just getting so many blurry photos. Videos are weird too... there seems to be so much correction going on that the videos seem almost unnatural.

    - Colors are just weird. I don't know how to explain it. I have read other complaints about this, and I think I read something once about a fix coming, but haven't seen any updates from T-Mobile yet.

    - Image quality seems ok at first on some pictures (stable subject in high lighting), but even the best pictures look bad when you zoom in. There seems to be some heavy handed image correction or compression and the image quality pales in comparison to what we saw with the S7.

    - Low light performance is terrible. All the issues above are just exacerbated when in lower light.

    Anyway, for a flagship in 2018 we expected more... and I can't imagine paying full price for the G7 after dealing with this disappointing camera. I am posting this in the hopes that LG is listening, so that hopefully something can be done to improve things. Hopefully it's a software thing, and not a hardware thing!

    Any other G7 owners having these issues? Anyone know any fixes? Anyone received any upgrades that helped?
    10-18-2018 05:18 PM
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    did you get the latest software update that came out a couple of weeks ago? i think it had some camera improvements along with other various bug fixes. I have been very happy with the camera, both in normal and low light conditions. you might want to try changing where the phone is focusing on in the dark areas by tapping on the screen in the darkest area of the photo before shooting. that way the phone will allow more light into the photo and you should get something better. ive also noticed that using the ai cam in dark places blows, so i dont use that unless its during day time. if you already do that, you could try side loading the gcam (the camera app and software from the pixel line) from the link here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-...thinq-t3855081
    10-19-2018 09:23 AM
  3. Fred98TJ's Avatar
    11-16-2018 10:29 PM

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