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    anyone here experiencing problem with their LG G7 thinq phone when its come to customizing its theme or wallpaper? everytime i use my own photos for lock and home screen, it will change to a blank screen after a few minutes. same goes when i apply a theme. the customer service told me to restart my phone everytime i apply a theme, but it did not solve the issue. although the theme is running, the problem is the wallpaper, it keeps changing on its own.

    does anyone who can solve this or experiencing the same problem? thanks!
    02-23-2019 01:17 AM
  2. SteelSteve's Avatar
    I use my own photos for both home and lock screens both with the stock LG UI and now Microsoft Launcher with no issues. Are you using a third party launcher?
    02-23-2019 09:35 AM

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