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    I recently bought 'new' LG G7 from ebay, phone is said to be globally unlocked. Phone is flawless except the wifi calling feature is disabled and hidden. This setting is nowhere to be found in the call settings or wifi settings.
    I call LG support and we traced the IMEI origins to Sprint. It seems that Sprint had disabled the wifi calling back when the seller first bought the phone.
    I also contacted Sprint, Google, and T- Mobile (my carrier) to try to fix this issue. I have been all over the place, resetting the phone and tweaking settings, but the problem remains. I've already spoken with my carrier - wifi calling is enabled on my network account.
    Sprint support claims to have sent an OTA update twice , but my phone seems to not be getting it, or the update was not able to fix it (its been a week since last attempt for support).

    I'm at my wits end, and I am convinced now my only options are to buy another phone, or root this phone to restore the feature.
    I have never rooted a phone, but I am relatively tech savvy and believe I can accomplish it with enough prior research. I know doing this will void my LG warranty.
    I'd also rather not deal with the hassle of buying another phone, dealing with shipping, setup, and sending the old phone back...

    So I'd like some other opinions - root the phone or buy new?
    02-23-2019 10:45 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Return the phone to the seller for a refund - it was misrepresented.

    Whether you buy a new phone or a used one is up to you. (I don't think rooting will allow you to re-enable wifi calling. I could be wrong, and if you can unlock the bootloader you can flash Magisk and see if that allows you to enable it. If not, you can reflash the stock bootloader, uninstall Magisk manager, and the phone is back to where it is now.)
    02-23-2019 01:51 PM

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