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    Just recently (within a week) I'm noticing my phone (LG G8 Android 10.0) is not charging wireless. I've done some quick searches, but what limited info and troubleshooting I have found has not provided any results.

    Sometimes I can get the phone to wirelessly charged if I first plug it in with the USB C and fast charger and then it will connect to the wireless charger, but otherwise, the wireless charger just sits there with the blue light blinking and no charging.

    Here are the troubleshooting steps I've done already, so if anyone has other suggestions or has had a similar problem, let me know.
    1) Try a different charger - I have three wireless chargers. Two of them are Samsung Fast Charge (Model: EP-NG930) and one is a brand new Anker PowerWave Stand. All of them exhibit the same symptoms (blue LED light on charger blinks, but no connection to phone to wirelessly charge). I've tried different charging block, outlets, etc. All the same issues. I don't have another phone to test if it charges on the chargers, but my guess the issues more with the phone than the charger.

    2) Restart phone in Safe Mode - Still same problems

    3) Delete Apps to prevent the Wireless Charger from working - I've deleted some of the most recent apps I installed (about a month's worth) and still showing the same issues.

    Has anyone experienced this? Did I "burn out" my wireless charger in the phone? I'm afraid to contact LG or Verizon b/c I feel this is a new/unique problem and will be sucked into a useless troubleshooting session, so thought I'd check the forums here first. Thanks.
    11-11-2020 06:25 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Do you have a case on? If so, try it with the case off.
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    11-11-2020 10:28 PM
  3. mustang7757's Avatar
    If case not issue, try factory reset and still persist then hardware issue.
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    11-11-2020 10:42 PM

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