1. walterkurtz's Avatar
    i am leaving the country tomorrow and decided to hastily buy a new phone to replace my 2 year old LG V40.

    i switched to t mobile last week, and they did not have the V50. they also did not have the G8 in stock.

    so i purchased an unlocked G8 from amazon with same day delivery ($399).

    while i was waiting i read the reviews on amazon. and while they were good overall, i noticed the more recent reviews were 1 star. i am a bit of a luddite. but i think the chief complaint is that this phone coming from amazon instead of a service provider doesn't get updates.

    i checked and under software info it says:

    android version 9
    security patch level october 1, 2019

    am i up to date? or is there another way to get updates? (i've never rooted a phone) or should i return it and hope my V40 lasts?

    thank you!!


    spoke to tmobile yesterday and they said they may or may not send out updates. LG said 9 was the latest for G8. and then last night i checked software updates and android 10 came in...and it's kind of worse. the only thing i wanted was silent shutter. it isn't in 9 or 10 on this phone. the interface is uglier. and now the recent apps button brings up little icons instead of a stack of full sized windows. other than that i am liking this phone more than the V40 for it's smaller size and lesser cameras.

    the real test will be the audio on my 20 hour trip to cape town and how well everything else functions overseas.
    03-05-2020 08:10 AM
  2. snowmutt's Avatar
    I am V10, with a security patch from December 1, 2019. My phone is days old, having just got it last week (03/27/2020). So it sounds like your unlocked version is at least close. Hope all is working and you are not disappointed.
    04-01-2020 11:21 PM

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