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    I don't usually have very many posts across the plethora of android forums, because the questions usually have been answered or have typically pointed me in the right direction, but I've ran into a problem, that I can't fix without knowing some more information. I'm used to flashing my family's CDMA phones from Sprint, sometimes Verizon, onto Boost Mobile's network. I got my dad this phone for Christmas, because it seems to fit him perfectly. It is a really nice device, especially for an android beginner. Using CDMA Workshop I've been to obtain ALL the necessary information, such as the MSID and Both Network Profiles and their respective AAA Keys. On Paper, when my phone boots up it should boot with data, BUT it seems that every time that the LG logo screen pops up, the Data Profiles I enter get deleted and replaced by (hisnumber)@uscc.net, and other minute network changes. Smells like a script doing some dirty work to keep the device running smoothly on U.S. Cellular. If anyone has a solution as to: 1) How to just get it working or 2) Find the specific script that has the altering information or even 3) Find which scripts start on boot, would be very helpful! I posted this in the LG-Genesis section, but in practicality, this could be answered for any number of devices. Thanks again people! Hopefully I'll know before Christmas!
    12-15-2011 09:07 AM
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    Well I'm currently doing a work around, I forced it to stay on and go back online, after I programmed it, so the phone never shut off. The bad news? Whenever his phone dies, he is going to lose data entirely. x.x With a whopping battery life of 2.5 hours, how often is that gonna happen right?
    12-26-2011 04:31 PM