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    Hi, there is something very suspiciius happening with my wifi hotspot. It appears to be running AND using excessive data when it is definitely turned off!

    I used to use the hotspot because reception in my apartment block is bad and the 1m with ok reception is not a comfy space to work. I've always had extremely slow internet in this apartment - even directly from my phone sitting in the 'sweet spot' i can wait minutes for a google search!

    A couple of weeks ago i noticed suspicious large data use. (Ie. Repeated use on my bill of 406Mb which would take Hours at the speeds i get and certainly
    wasn't my usage.

    Steps ive taken
    Changed passwords and settings 2 x for hotspot.
    Run bullguard-
    Stopped using hotspot altogether and just using USB teethering.

    I have NEVER had auto updates (i do this manually)
    I have not downloaded many apps at all, all are legitimate and via playstore.

    Vodafone shows a 100Mb being used and my phone is showing this from my hotspot- when i have had it turned off the entire time.

    Any idea what the hell is happening and how i can stop it? I can only afford 6Gigs per month and need access to the internet at home...
    03-03-2017 10:26 PM
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    Moved to the new K10 forum.
    09-26-2017 04:15 PM

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