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    Hello everyone, I was thinking about how easy it was to port a ZTE Blade ROM to my LG Ally. That took like 3 hours. So its definitely possible to port a LG L70 ROM to a LG L70c. Especially because I made a build of TWRP for the phone so we could do it. The LG L70 is almost the exact same phone as the Ultimate 2. That's because it the LG L70 re-branded for TracFone. This thread is here to try to get some devs together to work on this. Why does the LG L70 get developer support and not the LG Ultimate 2? TracFones deserve more developer support. Look at the LG Optimus Fuel, thats a crappy phone but it gets support! If we make lollipop then this phone would have a increasing number of lollipop ROMs. But lollipop is harded to make then KK because of its new file system. So If you have the LG Ultimate 2 and have made at least one ROM before, please tell us in the comments below. It can be done! Thanks.
    04-25-2015 06:48 PM

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