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    I have several family and friends who all have very strong personalities lol. Well a couple of days ago i created a group text with some of the strongest personilities, only because i know they are great women and very encouraging in my time of need. Well, it has been 3 days and after everyone has given me encouragment, some are still texting in the group others are wanting out including me. I tried deleting the texts, but if anyone text within the group the dam thing pops back up. Sorry. My sis has asked me to remove her from the group which i have no idea how. How can i stop this group text. I promise i will never creat a group text ever again, unless it is with my sons only. Remember i have an lg-l90 phone. I need to delet people out of the group and delet the group all together. To keep it from popping up on other people phone. Is there a way i can creat a group text without them being able to respond that way only i will be abale to text in the group and who ever text back the text will only come to me and not disturb others.
    09-01-2016 09:07 AM

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