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    I'm on contract with Verizon until February maybe longer depending when I move. If I move to an area that gets better coverage my wife and I world like to move to prepaid. But on Friday my thunderbolt kicked the bucket. I decided to buy a phone off contract and this was the best for what I could afford. The last off contact phone I had was the Optimus v on virgin. That phone was not fun with its low storage. This phone is amazing to me but I am coming from a thunderbolt. I use my phone for news, email, and well as a phone. I just have to say this runs really smooth so far, great battery, and I see how awesome jelly bean is on a phone. (also have a nexus 7) It will be over shadowed by many phones and won't have a lot of accessories, but if you don't care for that stuff and just want a mid range phone that has jelly bean and free with contract or 350 off its great, Imo

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    06-30-2013 10:12 PM

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