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    First thing you want to do is install adb and make sure that it recognizes your device.

    Make sure you have the device drivers installed on your computer

    I followed the steps on this website to install adb- google "the unlockr adb devices" and click the first one

    Next thing you want to do is download superoneclick- google "superoneclick" the site has download links (v2.3.1 or newer)

    Next go to your phone and make sure you have usb debugging on. To check this hit the menu button, click setting, applications, development, usb debugging

    Connect your phone to your computer, Do Not Mount

    open superoneclick and hit root.

    It will go threw the processes, and in the end you will have root

    Notes: i think this method will also work with the mytouch q.
    This worked for me and if you have any problems feel free to post and i will try to help you.
    I also posted this exact same thing on xda developer
    07-02-2012 04:24 PM
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    Or you can just use Unlock Root and bypass all that ADB stuff. Download to your computer, plug you phone in and follow the simple instructions in the program. Make sure your phone is in debugging mode.

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    07-16-2012 04:00 PM
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    will unlock root work with my mytouch by LG with version 2.3.6?
    07-18-2012 02:48 PM
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    Can someone make links, and also Im new so try and help me out,
    08-14-2012 09:07 PM