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    Download here (403 MB)
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    This is for people (like me) having trouble updating via LG Tools on the desktop. Unlike the other file out there that's bundled with other hacks and a theme, this is unaltered stock+rooted.

    To use:
    • root your Optimus 3D (see the sticky)
    • open Android Market and install Rom Manager
    • flash latest ClockworkMod recovery
    • extract the download and open the folder.
    • copy the entire 2011-07- folder into the clockworkmod/backup/ folder on your Optimus 3D's INTERNAL storage (not the SD card)
    • Open Rom Manager, choose to restore a backup, choose the 2011-07- entry

    [WARN]This will wipe all data[/WARN]
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    07-23-2011 05:06 PM
  2. RobinM's Avatar
    Thanks for this gbhil.... I just tried to do a backup with PC Suit IV, and for the life of me I can't find how to activate the backup button.

    This must be a new bug, because I did a backup fine about 3 weeks ago and updated the phone.

    I can't get it to recognise Outlook 2010 either!

    07-25-2011 02:26 PM
  3. JordiBcn76's Avatar
    Thanks a lot gbhil, you are the man !! I just registered here to say thank you, thank you...I was really desperate you know, yesterday I tried to install a new rom and I screwed it all up, I was about to send it to LG service but thank god I realized I still had clockmod recovery installed...so I use your backup file and everything went perfect! you have saved my phone! ...next time I will be extra cautious trying to pretend I know how to do.... The best lesson I learned by going through this geek adventures is that I should have read a lot, and after that read more and then only then read more and then plan the steps to do...Thanks again !
    09-22-2011 05:29 PM
  4. Maxiking1995's Avatar
    MD5 mismatch?
    11-28-2011 06:04 AM