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    i will be posting this in several forums (lg optimus 3d, lg thrill 4g, samsung galaxy s2, samsung galaxy s2 attain)

    I will be purchasing my first cellphone soon (NO, i'm not a 13 year old girl or an 80 year old grandpa) I have been holding out for two years (VERY VERY long wait), waiting for a dual-core beast capable of decent n64/ps1 emulation. I live in Vermont and the only carrier with service here is AT&T. the service is very limited (so LTE and/or HSPA+ doesn't matter, because there isn't even normal 3g service)

    the only question i have for you is which phone (galaxy s2, or thrill 4g) will last the longest without any HARDWARE problems> after my 2-year contract is up, i plan on putting a prepaid simcard in. I am an extreme power-user (4 hours a day of 3d gaming with music streaming + email, facebook, RSS feeds, new york times, androidcentral, phandroid and many other sites )


    my last device was an ipod touch 2nd generation 8gb. i used it for two years very heavily, draining the battery twice a day. then, one day i woke up and the wifi chip was broken

    Oh, and judging from my signature you can tell that IF there is a qwerty gs2 i will get that without hesitation
    07-30-2011 09:20 PM
  2. garrettfarnum's Avatar
    Either of those are viable options, but if you want one sooner than you can grab an unlocked GSM SGSII online somewhere. It will be a very pretty penny though.
    07-30-2011 09:39 PM