1. Tudor Andrei Raneti's Avatar
    lg optimus 3d won't turn on after baseband v20c flash and reboot, using the power button or power button, volume down and 3d key.

    If I keep power and volume down while it's connected to the pc, then click power/volume down not sure the exact sequence, it starts making 3 short usb sounds, pause, 1 usb sound, then repeats forever

    If I keep device manager open, in other devices with exclamation mark "OMAP4430" appears and device manager refreshes each time the sounds repeat, but it won't do anything else. If I pull the USB cable "OMAP4430" dissapears and sound loop stops

    How can I fix this?
    08-10-2017 03:49 PM
  2. Tudor Andrei Raneti's Avatar
    I unbricked it following this tutorial: https://forum.xda-developers.com/sho....php?t=2246001

    I'm pasting my post while I had some trouble with it:
    Got P920 and I think I deleted my bootloader with a baseband zip: https://forum.xda-developers.com/opt...6#post73445561

    I get stuck at step 7, can't find "LG port", basically what I get is fastloader mode, not downloader mode and LG port

    then I get stuck at step 11, can't see "LG Cosmo"

    If I pick step 13 and try to load gb bootloader it sais "waiting on device" forever, same as on fastloader trying to replace boots

    What am I doing wrong?

    EDIT1: Decided to do this on laptop (xp) not pc (windows 7). Now I see in ports section (which in windows 7 I don't at all) "LGE Bluetooth TransPort (COM15), not as in the tutorial but at least it's something... I set that to COM41 as instructed. Will edit here if I get any further

    EDIT2: if I keep vol+ pressed it won't enter fastboot with os hacking tool. After it did, it found another hardware which I pointed to the only driver it finds in os hacking tool package, that is omap4430 which I already have installed, but this new one gives a code 10 this device will not work message, so I believe I'm stuck at step 11 again because I see no LG Cosmo in device manager.

    EDIT3: I looked inside Device Manager > Android Device > OMAP4430 FastBoot USB Device, and is described in "Location:" as Location 0 (LG COSMO) ... which dissapears in a minute like while typing this Have no idea if this is what I'm suppose to get at step 11

    EDIT4: seems that's LG COSMO after all because at step 13 after rebooting OS HACKING it did flash the GB BootLoaders (wrote a few lines of text)

    ...aaand ... drumroll ... it rebooted in my last rom (king's)


    phone unbricked!

    Now back to the problem of getting a proper rom that doesn't consume my battery idly in a day like 4.x unlike froyo (2.2.2) which can keep idle for a week, and that also gets a signal... tried them all except back to froyo (2.2.2) :-/
    08-18-2017 01:37 PM

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