Hey y'all!

    Not wanting to offend any S4 owners out there, after all i was once an S-Sheep too : ) lol j/k S4 is a great phone, their BEST to date, but $299.00? It finally happened, Verizon has "just plain lost their mind"...lol

    What you should REALLY do, or at least "check out" is go over to AT&T where they're having a blowout half price sale on LG Optimus G Pro ($99.00) which offers 32 GB internal and a slew of other features that are comparable or SURPASS the S4, and with the $200.00 savings pay your EFT and be done with Verizon once and for all...If AT&T is decent in your area, its a no-brainer, Verizon is still charging 2010 prices in 2013.

    AND, if you're really lucky you can do what i did: Paid outright for the LG O G Pro....If T-Mobile has refarmed their 1900 spectrum in your area, you should check them out. I watched a trial (Jodi Arias) 8 hours a day last month and used 46GB (yes thats forty six gigabytes (46) lol of data on T-Mo's HSPA+ network last month and my bill was $70 bucks plus tax!

    I was on Straight Talk for over a year but the threat of them "shutting me down" made me too nervouse to use any real data, but now i use the OG OG Pro even at my house, the screen is soooooooooo bright, clear and pleasant to use and touch, and as fast as my home computers and laptops!

    Just something for y'all to check out before plunking down $299.00 bucks to Verizon The Red Devil Network...lol

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    06-30-2013 07:35 AM
  2. slik6996's Avatar
    Traded in my s4 for the lg pro could not be happier awesome phone no lag.
    06-30-2013 08:03 AM

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