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    Hi Everyone - First of all I love the phone ! Battery life is outstanding. The phone is really responsive.

    I hope someone can help with the email setup. I have 3 email accounts setup on the phone. A primary gmail, a secondary gmail and a yahoo. When I'm asleep at night I only want the primary to alert me by the audible tone I pick, that a new email has arrived. I go to Settings and then into the General Settings for each of the 2 secondary emails and then into Accounts & Sync and turn off the Email Sync. Then under Notifications I turn off Notification Sound. I still get audible alerts for the 2 secondary email accounts.

    Any good suggestions on what to do ?

    I thought of logging off the 2 secondary emails but can't a way to do that, only an option to delete the email accounts.

    Thanks in advance !
    07-08-2013 11:59 AM

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