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    Had the phone for a week, loved it, think it's one of the best phones of 2013, and easily the most underrated phone of the year.

    I noticed that I didn't have any service as I was getting ready for work one evening, didn't think it was a big deal because I have a microcell at home and it occasionally messes up, so I assumed that was the problem. Got out to town where I usually have near full service, still had zero. I opened up settings and noticed that "Mobile Data" was toggled off, I tried to turn it on and the phone wouldn't let me. I went into the "About" part of the general settings and the phone showed "Unknown" under IMEI, telephone number, etc.

    I searched on Google, here, and XDA forums for answers and the only people who had this problem where those who had tried to flash their phones, only problem was, my phone hasn't been rooted yet, so I don't understand what the problem is. I called AT&T thinking maybe the phone had been blacklisted, because I did get it off of Craigslist, they said that they phone hadn't been reported stolen and everything was good on their end. So I called LG, I told them about my problem and they said it was an unknown problem and that I should take it back to where it was purchased or send it to them with a receipt, however I can't do that since I'm not the original owner and don't have the receipt. I have the original box though, don't think that makes a difference.

    I've tried resetting the phone several times, nothing. The battery also started to drain randomly quick also after the first reset.

    Anyone else had a problem like this before? Is this something I can fix by rooting the phone? Suggestions?
    10-08-2013 12:23 AM
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    10-25-2013 02:29 AM

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