1. Xavier Delgado's Avatar
    So guys, I enabled the developer mode, but I ain't finding ART!

    1. I was so desperate to get KitKat update, but it seems like nothing has changed other than transparency which still lacks of many improvements. Ohhhh and adding widgets to the lockscreen, but I wanted to set its runtime to ART and I was not simply listed as an option. I am wondering if LG just redesigned the rom that was already there and modified few things.

    I was expecting a new hole redesigned just as how the LG G3 looks like with those round icons and the round toggles.

    I feel I should not buy an LG anymore. This is the third time LG fails to me in terms of innovation. No company should talk about "We learnt from you" if they don't redesigned their old fashioned UI (old devices).

    I had the experience of playing with the new SGS5 and it amazed me.

    Does anyone feel like this android update is just same sh*t with a different label?
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    06-01-2014 06:10 PM
  2. zedorda's Avatar
    There are limitations to alot of the older hardware. Even the Galaxy Nexus didn't get KitKat and one reason was because ART wasn't going to even work.

    And please explain what aspects of ART you wanted to be able to use or benefit from?
    06-01-2014 07:01 PM
  3. chrisyunke's Avatar
    It's supposed to be way faster.
    06-01-2014 07:06 PM
  4. zedorda's Avatar
    It is supposed to become faster over time as it gets developed. Google themselves explained it was included for developers and not meant for the avg users to turn on. All the differences between Dalvik and ART are not detectable by humans. A computer running a benchmark can detect it but its been less than .002% in laboratory settings. The real reason for its coming to be is that Google can't develop Dalvik at all because it is protected by IP rights and Google doesn't own them so they are creating their own Runtime: Android RunTime aka ART and now they can develop it for better performance but sadly it is not making a noticeable effect yet but it will.
    06-01-2014 07:13 PM
  5. marcus0263's Avatar
    The update lost permissions to the MicroSD card so I rooted the phone. In the process I removed CarrierIQ, WOW! Major difference, speed and no longer issues with GPS!

    That and GPS consistently running! Removing CarrierIQ made a huge difference

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    06-04-2014 10:11 PM

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