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    I have been using a non-name Qi charger (which has a 7000mA battery backup in it as well) for almost a year without problems. But recently, my phone has gotten in the habit of not charging. I put it on the charger, it says charger detected, it looks like it is charging, only I'll come back to it when I wake up and find out that it has run down, instead of charging. I thought maybe I was knocking the phone off the charger, moved that so nothing could hit it, confirmed that sometimes the damned phone just isn't charging.

    I've also seen something similar with a second phone (Nexus7) and LG Qi charger. Phone goes on the charging puck, light on the puck turns green to indicate charging, and then minuteslater it goes yellow again indicating no charging--even though nothing has changed.

    Is there some problem with Qi? Or phone software, that turns off Qi charging incorrectly??

    Both phones are fully up to date with OTA updates, but something is not happening correctly, and it is intermittent and not particularly repeatable.
    01-24-2015 12:09 PM

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