11-18-2012 11:09 AM
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    I have been having my Optimus (Prime) G for a week today and there is only 2 things i dont like about the phone. It doesnt come with a built in file manager like the GS3 (which i loved) so you have to download one from the market which is not a big deal but the thing is it doesnt support apps to sd card you have to manually do it through a file manager and sometimes it still wont let you move them. The other thing is that it can bounce back and fourth with the ram for some reason. Sometimes i will have 900 mb of ram remaining when im not doing anything at all and i would have to manually clear it and there is times where i have tons of free ram for no reason. But all in all this phone is better than my previous GS3 and Galaxy Note1 (which were my favorites). By the way i have the AT&T version and its an amazing phone everyone should check out the video wiz feature.
    11-17-2012 06:14 PM
  2. hw234's Avatar
    I was seriously interested in the Optimus G on AT&T - I'm sick of Sprint's crap network, so I'm bailing ASAFP - but this review really gives me pause:

    The good: AT&T's LG Optimus G has Qualcomm's lightning-quick quad-core processor, supports 4G LTE, and has a gorgeous display.

    The bad: The Optimus G's camera has a harsh flash and some of its photos fell flat, it has a short battery life, and its speaker audio quality was tinny.

    The bottom line: With its speedy internals, LTE data speeds, and stunning screen, the LG Optimus G is one of the phone-maker's best handsets so far, but it can't escape its weak battery and camera.

    As a photographer, a bad camera is problematic, but bad battery life, especially when you can't swap in another one is instafail. I'm looking for forward to more reviews.
    In response to Cnet's points;

    The good- This is all true, you will not be disappointed here one bit.

    The bad-

    -It's a camera on a phone. It seems to me, people have unrealistic expectations of camera phones. Some will be better than others due to other feature trade-offs on the phone (e.g. quad core/2gb ram etc...) IMO the camera on a phone should never be a deal breaker. That said, the pictures I've been taking are more than fine for me. Seriously though, it's 13MP, (I don't know anything about the senser, and I know MP isn't everything) and it's on a phone, what more do you want...cnet? It might be just me, but I'll take a quad core/2gb/beautiful 1080p screen over a perfect camera any day.

    -Comparing to my Evo 4G and GS2, the speaker is great. I've always been disappointed in speaker quality, but not this time. It's on par or better (possibly louder as well) with the iPhone (my wife has one.)

    -Battery life- It's better than my Evo 4G and GS2, and that's with running the screen from 60-85 percent most of the time so far. Looking forward to custom Roms/Kernels to get even better life, if the bootloader situation goes our way.

    Carry a real camera on you, you're a Photographer! Really though, I can't say if the camera will be good enough for you or not. I can post a few random pictures I took, to imgur or something, if you want.
    11-18-2012 11:09 AM
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