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    i'm not sure which forum my phone belongs to.
    I have an LG F3.
    i rooted it via motochopper. The superuser app got installed i assumed per the youtube video thats the confirmation that it worked.
    i then followed instructions to format my sd card to get a ext2.
    i opened that app and chose ext2 as my system partition but ran into an error of "could not obtain root access. if you have root acces make sure you respond allow or grant to superuser request.

    i also tried using root checker to see if my phone is rooted, i got a message saying that it wasn't "sorry this device does not have proper root access"

    can someone help?
    my superuser access setting is apps and adb.
    i'm a beginner at this. just wants to free up space on my phone.

    12-20-2013 11:53 PM

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