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    This tutorial, as far as I know, because I don't have access to any other carrier of LG OG, this only is for the sprint variant! LS-970!

    In advanced, I'm not responsible for ANYONE bricking or breaking any or anyone's device!

    Alright. Let's start off with getting your phone rooted if not already.

    1. Google Framaroot. Should be a .apk file on XDA.
    2. Make sure that unknown sources is enabled in security.
    3. Install the .apk file
    4. Open and select Gandalf in the list and start.
    5. Now you should be rooted!

    Now for unlocking the bootloader!

    1. On the play store, download "FreeGee"
    2. Open app (may bring you to a busybox download. If it does. Download that)
    3. Once open, find the TWRP button, tap that.
    4. It will ask for classic or Mako install, select Mako.
    5. Now if done right. The bootloader should be unlocked and you should have a recovery install along that as well.

    Now to get the Cyanogen mod file and flash it.

    1. Download and version of Cyanogen Mod (there is a stable 10.2 version available)
    2. Once downloaded, you will need to use a file manager, go into the sdcard.

    Here's where it may get confusing, on the sdcard0, there should be a folder where everything else is that is titled "0", and in that there should be a folder titled "TWRP", that is where you want to put the cyanogen mod .zip that you downloaded. Now once its in there, its time to flash the ROM.

    Reboot into recovery by turning off the device, then hold the power+vol up button, you should have an android guy with the chest open, tap up on the volume until you get "boot to recovery" or something along those lines with recovery. Now, you should have TWRP open.

    Now you want to click into the factory reset. Then slide to start. (This will delete what's currently on your device!!! Backup and important data before this with your PC or and backup app like Titanium Backup)

    Once that is done, you want to go to install .zip.

    Now navigate to sdcard -> 0 -> TWRP -> CYANOGENMOD .zip that you places there. Tap that, slide to start.

    Once done, reboot device and you should get the CyanogenMod bootscreen!

    If done correctly, this can get cyanogenmod flashed without a PC!

    I hope that this helped everyone who wanted to know how to do this! If anyone needs help, contact me VIA Skype

    Skype - battlebot321

    My Name - Luke Vestal

    Willing to help when I have the time between work and school!

    If you get here, thank you for checking the post!

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    02-20-2014 11:21 AM

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