1. glekasg's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I have an LG Optimus G E970 on the AT&T network, all stock. I recently dropped it and, of course, the digitizer glass cracked. The screen still worked just fine, and I could turn it on and off without a problem but no touch at all. As I was trying to shut it down without using any buttons by just holding the power button, it started acting strangely. I would turn it off (screen timeout) by just pressing on the power button, but when I would wake it up (by again pressing the power button) the cap. buttons on the bottom would light up, but the screen would stay dark. I chalked it up to the digitizer being messed up.

    I have since installed a new screen/digitizer assembly, and it works great when I turn on the phone. However, as soon as the screen goes to sleep, I get the same problem - cap. buttons light up, but the screen stays black. All the buttons are working, as I can here them clicking, and I can turn up the volume, etc, I just can't get the screen itself to light up.

    Has anyone run across this problem, or have any suggestions? I've already, reluctantly, tried a hard reset, which did not solve the problem, as well as any other little fixes that I found in this and other forums. I'm thinking it's a software issue of some sort, since the screen and everything work great when the phone is on, but I don't really know. I wanted to see is there were any answers out here before I tried rooting and installing a new ROM, which might be problematic anyways if the screen doesn't come back on.

    George G.
    07-22-2014 12:44 PM
  2. Tim Gilbertson's Avatar
    Just had the same thing start happening today. I have never dropped the phone or cracked the screen in any way. No idea why this started happening.
    08-17-2014 11:24 PM
  3. glekasg's Avatar

    This problem always seemed to be software related. Finally, last night, I had some time to root and install Cyanogenmod, and the phone works just fine now. The problems with the screen not coming back on are gone! Although I was never able to find the glitch in the stock ROM, and it never went away even after a factory reset, changing to a custom ROM seems to have done the trick.

    -George G.
    08-27-2014 12:23 PM

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