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    I just bought a few LG Optimus Fuel (L34C - Version L34CV10c, Kitkat 4.4) phones (WalMart/Straightalk) a few days ago. I tried several searches for answer to this and couldn't find any. Hope someone here can help me out:

    I have Bluetooth turned off* on all the devices but when I check my battery report to see what is consuming power, it indicates Bluetooth is consuming 8-19% (about as much as the screen, depending on how much time the screen is on). This is occurring on all the phones. I have ensured Bluetooth is definitely off.

    Is this normal? Could it be an app or is the battery misreporting another process as Bluetooth?

    I also checked under the Apps menu and Bluetooth is not listed under the Running category (it is in the All category, but that is expected).

    *Note: I have Bluetooth set to off and also have enabled Airplane mode to save battery and because I have not activated the cell service (thus turning off the cell radio). Essentially Bluetooth should be off 'twice' (once in its own setting and again with airplane mode on). Could that also muck things up somehow?
    01-29-2015 10:34 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! That's pretty weird. How long do you let it run for? Use one of them normally until the battery is down to 30-40%, then see how much battery Bluetooth is using. Tap the Bluetooth listing to see if any details are given.
    01-29-2015 01:17 PM
  3. sdeedeec's Avatar
    I have the exact same phone doing the exact same thing.
    01-29-2015 10:16 PM
  4. lino13's Avatar
    Sorry for the delay - things got busy for me just after I posted. I was actually in the process of trying to figure out if the bluetooth thing could be a misreporting issue. One of the phones was used a fair amount and the more it was used, the lower percentage 'bluetooth' took of the overall battery use (screen went to the top). Yesterday, I also installed GSAM (it has monitored about 19 hours now) and Battery Doctor and looked at their reports on the battery. Sure enough, neither had any bluetooth use (bluetooth was reported as 0.0% in GSAM and 0.12% in Battery Doc.) meanwhile the Android battery report had it as 16%.

    This looks like the Kitkat 4.4 battery monitor is misreporting a process and there is no problem with a hidden bluetooth drain. GSAM's breakdown indicates that Screen consumbed 36%, Wifi 21% App Usage 42% and Held Awake 1%. Basically, I can disregard the whole Bluetooth consumption thing as some kind of reporting bug.

    sdeedeec - let me know if you come up with anything different. You may want to try GSAM and see if you end up with similar results after a day or two.

    PS. B. Diddy - Thanks for disabling the duplicate I posted on the Q/A portion - I posted it there thinking I was posting to this board.
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    01-30-2015 09:23 AM

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