1. 3d1l's Avatar
    I had searched extensively and followed 3 methods so far in order to "root" my T-Mobile LG Optimus L90 d415e. Last recommendation that I receive was to downgrade to version d415c.

    Is there any other way to "root" this phone without downgrading?

    Why I need rooting: Ability to connect USB drive, access the phone screen and control it from my computer, the use of some network engineering tools that require the phone to be rooted.

    02-25-2015 11:57 AM
  2. VW Maverick's Avatar
    I did find this:

    02-25-2015 12:26 PM
  3. 3d1l's Avatar
    Yes I know about Towelroot but for it to work I have to downgrade from d415e to d415c and there are no warranties. Any other ideas???
    02-25-2015 02:22 PM
  4. Moshe Barash's Avatar
    This link works for both KitKat, lollipop, and any other version of android on an lg phone. I have rooted my lg l90 d415 on both KitKat 10E, and lollipop 5.0.2 successfully.

    04-13-2015 01:55 AM
  5. KIKIMAR's Avatar
    Completely Lost!!!!
    I recently purchased a lg70 with metro pcs! I bought this phone because i couldnt root my zte zinger...I successfully rooted my boyfriends Lg Optimus 2 with towelroot ao i thought this phone would be successful as well...ok enough with the back history...

    After Countless searches and unsuccessful one click roots...i came to realize that i have to flash my phone using a computer...Using lg flash tools...downgrade and all that mess!

    so heres the kicker...Im currently in mexico for the next 2 months...i know only a select amount of people...The only access i have to a cpu is the one in my hotel lobby thats a piece of crap running windows xp. I was wondering if THERES ANYWAY POSSIBLE WAY TO ROOT MY PHONE without the use of a computer...Im desperate!!!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    04-18-2015 01:55 AM
  6. Ridhwaan Khodabocus's Avatar
    You can install 'iroot' on your computer if you want to root your phone

    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-05-2015 09:47 AM
  7. Maxwell Dodge's Avatar
    How do you downgrade?
    06-28-2015 08:38 PM

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