1. ankit yadav gur's Avatar
    my phone is an old one, lg otimus e612 , now a weird problem has occured, many apps are installing like amazon, cache cleaner, uc, but most apps like titanium unlocker, updated play store app, fleksy keyboard, super su, kingo root app,etc are not installing and giving error like insufficient storage space or free up some space...these apps are from from play store and other sources also... it has really been a headache as i am trying to solve it from past many hours and i have tried most of the solutions on net like clearing cache, removing odex file from data/app and system/app, degrading play store but still it didn't solved, please give me good solution to this problem except a factory reset. My phone has 1 gb of space left, it doesnt has the feature to move apps to sd card so i link them using link2sd, this problem is now happening with more than 50% apps that i am trying to install, it's a rooted phone with kingo root, i have also patched some apps using lucky patcher,my os is jellybean.
    07-07-2016 11:27 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Moved to the Optimus L forum.
    07-08-2016 02:32 PM
  3. Viktir's Avatar
    If you use it with Link2SD, maybe it just sticks in the internal storage thinking the apps are in the sd card.

    Go to Settings > Memory [Internal Memory - Free Space]

    If it has a lot less free space than on Settings > Applications is shown, then must be the Link2SD trying to trick your phone.
    08-29-2017 03:23 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Revisiting this thread -- we don't allow discussions about Lucky Patcher, so closing the thread.
    09-01-2017 08:25 PM

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